Deep Cleaning is a good idea if you’re moving in, between the seasons, after AC and ducts cleaning, partial or full maintenance and wall painting, preparing for the holidays, planning a special event or simply want a meticulous care for the house. This service covers all the details, even the little ones. We don’t only clean, we also disinfect to make sure you and your family stay in a clean and safe environment free of viruses and harmful germs.


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Why Deep Clean is important?

Deep clean is aiming to remove maximum of dust, dirt and grime from everywhere, ceiling to floor. Dust that accumulates in the upper levels and difficult to reach places easily joins the air circulation once we put on AC or simply moving around and doing something. If not removed on the regular basis minimum 2-3 times a year, the level of allergens it creates could affect our health.

Standard Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning provided on regular basis minimum 1 time a week after the place was fully cleaned by one of the deep cleaning methods.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Up to 4 levels of cleaning depending on the requirements.

Windows and Glass Cleaning

Inside and outside washing and cleaning including frames.

Deep Cleaning

5 categories of cleaning depending on the requirements

Party and Events Cleaning

Before and After Party and Events cleaning which may have the extended task list, like washing the dishes, Christal glasses, crockery, moving the furniture etc.


Outside and Garden Cleaning

Cleaning the surfaces from leaves, dust etc, washing walls, tiles and furniture.

Move-Out/ Move-In

2 types of cleaning which can be combined or separated depending on the client’s requirements.

Home Appliances Cleaning

Cooker, BBQ Grill, Refrigerator etc. – any home appliances deep clean

Customised services

Cleaning and services based on the specific client’s task list. E.g. for AirBnB etc. clients

5 Stars Standard Cleaning Service

We provide Standard Cleaning but there are some differences from the market – we start all our services with antivirus Eco-disinfection procedure, our cleaning chemicals are more dependent on the purpose and circumstances, overall, we use more materials and techniques. If the client wants to use their own materials and equipment, they should provide the same specification as 5 Stars products needed for quality cleaning.

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